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The iMash™ control system

The mash tun (or lauter tun) is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the distiller and is used to extract fermentable sugars from malt using hot water.

Despite the importance of the ‘tun’, engineers at Allen Associates realised there was a gap in the market for a mini mashing and fermentation system that could target the rapidly expanding global craft distillery industry. From the outset, the team set out to create a product that would give the same levels of performance as full scale commercial units, yet be simple to install and operate.

Working closely with Allen Associates Muirton Control & Automation Ltd designed a simple robust control system for the iMash using proven technology to create a simple operator interface and intuitive user friendly operation.

Muirton Control also carried out the control & instrumentation and electrical installation for the first iMash. which was supplied to Shortcross Gin’s Rademon Estate distillery in Northern Ireland. The unit is performing well with Shortcross going from strength to strength.

Allen Associates iMash™ system provides a fast and cost effective entry into distilling which is crucial for craft distillers.

For more details contact Allen Associates or visit their website

imash mash tun
Allen Associates

We value our partnerships with some of Scotland’s most innovative and well respected companies. Our continued success owes much to these continued relationships.

Ewen McDonald,
Muirton Control & Automation Ltd.

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