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Agtec Ltd – Wester Clockeasy – Anaerobic Digester Plant

Between 90 and 100 million tonnes of slurry are produced on UK farms (plus other solid manure from beef and poultry farms), with attendant odour and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission problems, as well as potential for run-off which pollutes watercourses.

Anaerobic digestion, popularly known as AD or biogas, is the controlled breakdown of organic matter without air to produce a combustible biogas and nutrient rich organic by-product.

AD systems can be located either on-farm or at a larger Centralised Anaerobic Digestion management facility (CAD plant). AD technology can have multiple benefits: increasing farm business profit; helping to mitigate climate change; and helping to dispose of waste.

On-farm anaerobic digestion offers a significant step towards more sustainable farming. It is for these reasons that the UK Government and the agriculture industry see anaerobic digestion as the ideal way to treat slurry. As stated in DEFRA’s Shared Vision for Anaerobic Digestion, the NFU would like to see 1000 on-farm digesters by 2020. Work done by the RASE and AEA Group2 indicates that for the greatest impact, lowcost AD plant should be targeted at dairy farms, starting from about 100 cows and upwards.

Muirton Control & Automation Ltd was a logical choice to carry out the electrical and instrumentation installation associated with the plant when Agtec Ltd took on the contract to install a waste to power anaerobic digestion plant for Mr Dean at Wester Clockeasy near Urquart in Morayshire.

Being based in a rural farming area most of our operatives are familiar with a farm environment and appreciate the special circumstances and dangers of working on a farm for any length of time.

The work was completed on time to our usual high standard and the complete satisfaction of our client.

Anaerobic Digester Plant
ectrical and instrumentation installation
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