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Moray Creativity Conference

Muirton Control & Automation Ltd managing director Ewen McDonald today attended the Moray Creativity Conference 2016 as a guest of Keith Grammar School head master Jamus McPherson.

Key note speakers for the day were David Cameron commonly known as the ‘Real David Cameron’, Paul Collard, Chief Executive at CCE, The International Foundation for Creative Learning, Willie Wood – Group HR Director at Johnstons of Elgin, David Robertson – M.D. of Pozzi Ltd and chair of Elgin Bid and Andrew Mullholland Director – Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.

David Cameron has a unique view of the educational landscape. His experience stretches from leadership of children’s services at authority level to the classroom, from the development of national educational policy to its implementation in schools and takes in work at national and regional level in both Scotland and England.

Paul Collard is Chief Executive at CCE. He travels extensively, developing and supporting educational programmes in many countries, advising governments, regional authorities and cities on their work with children and young people and is much in demand as a speaker at international events.

Willie Wood highlighted the strong focus Johnstons of Elgin have on developing their young workforce for the future through initiatives including a pioneering Schools Interaction Pilot Project which has been receiving national recognition over the past year.

David Robertson and Andrew Mullholland both gave interesting talks with Andrew explaining how his business has grown since its inception in 2004 and some of the work they do with young people in Moray.

The focus of the day, and of all the key note speakers, was very much on how we can all help develop the workforce of the future in Moray, by helping prepare our young people for their future careers, developing their skills and capabilities rather than just their ability to pass exams.

It was an interesting morning, and it’s good to see education moving away from the traditional attainment led approach where schools seem to focus on preparing young people for exams and university, rather than work and life in general.